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Alto Atacama Desert Lodge & Spa

Overwhelmed by the majesty of a desert painted with vibrant colors and contrasts, and  touched with breathtaking immensity, Alto Atacama was conceived to fit gently into the  surrounding environment, to maintain the untouched beauty of the desert. Inspired to welcome adventurous hearts, ours is an invitation to look less with your phone  and more with your eyes. This is a journey to be treasured.


Our concept is simple and authentic, we do not like to impose, we are much better at listening. Moved with humble respect for nature and the local culture, we are proud to promote this piece of the world that has been their home for thousands of years. Proud and also committed  to protect their heritage. Alto Atacama, a multiple award winning hotel, a recognized luxury lodge, a stunning location… More than that, a place high up, closer to the stars.

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