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I specialize in representing privately owned, luxury properties with a unique story to tell.  


The allure of these properties is undeniable. Strikingly beautiful destinations. Simple luxuries. Experienced staff for whom discerning taste and uncompromising service are second nature. These are the hallmarks of the properties I choose to represent.


Every moment spent at these select properties brings a superb experience. Savoring the exquisite cuisine, unwinding in the indulgent spa, feeling the invigorating excitement of an expedition, or schussing down Andean slopes.


Yet each also offers something out of the ordinary: distinctive qualities that set them apart. Often it’s a reflection of the owner and the management team: their connection with the community, their commitment to sustainability, or simply their uncommonly creative approach to hospitality.


It’s that vision and passion that shine through and make a property truly unforgettable.


It’s my job to tell their story and to transmit that passion.


I have been representing fine properties for 15 years. During my 14 years living in Mexico City and Paris, I developed a keen sense of what makes a property unique and how that translates to a North American audience. Those years abroad sparked a passion for sharing unique destinations.


My primary goal is to make your hotel as successful as possible. To that end, I focus on:


  • Traveling throughout the U.S. and Canada to meet with members of the travel community. To connect with key players in the industry to provide updates, answer questions and maintain strong relationship


  • Conducting training sessions for the sales staff, ensuring they understand the property and destination. To this end, I use a portfolio of effective sales support materials including brochures, flyers, images and more.


  • Interacting with the travel trade to answer general questions about the properties, with an emphasis on being timely and helpful. 


  • Handling special requests from members of the travel industry and VIP clients staying at our properties. 


  • Organizing annual familiarization trips to our properties for the travel trade, and actively assisting with qualified individual and group requests for site inspections.


  • Keeping up to date on trends and events in the industry, and making sure that our properties are well positioned to succeed in an ever-evolving travel marketplace. 

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